Beauty Insiders with Gabriella Elio

Beauty insiders is the format where we meet makeup artists we admire and are inspired by. First out, we had a chat with Gabriella Elio, the founder of Sweed, about everything from beauty hacks, how to stay sane during these times to when feeling most desirable.

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!


How do you stay sane during these times? 

I'm in Stockholm at the moment and it's such a bliss that the city is surrounded by water and nature. I truly enjoy my daily walks here. 

Picture via Gabriella's instagram, out on her daily walk

What's your best beauty trick/hack?

Don't look into the mirror more than necessary. 

How long time do you spend on doing your beauty routine every morning?

It depends what I'm up to. If I'm not going anywhere I would say 3 minutes. If I'm going for a night out or have a meeting I would say 15 minutes.  

If you were a beauty product, what would you be? 

I would definitely be our amazing Eyelash Growth Serum. I love to think of myself as a positive and uplifting energy! 

When do you feel most desirable? 

When it comes to beauty my style is very classic and simple. I think a nice soft tan with red short manicured nails, blow dried hair and my  Lash Lift mascara on makes me ready for anything in this world. 

And to get more into details I would say I would use the Sweed "Bright" eye-pen inside the waterline to look more awake since it gives an illusion of bigger eyes. And our soft Dusty Brown eye-pen smudged on the corners as an eyeliner. I always wear my Sisley no 11 Lip twist on my lips. It's a soft pinky nude lipstick. Did I say I love to combine this with a pair of sexy high heels and the Baccarat perfume from Maison Francis Kurkdjian?  

Some of Gabriellas favourite products

Favourite Sweed product?

Our Lash Lift mascara. It's magical. It's like a push-up bra and Botox in the same bottle - but for your lashes. It's insane!!

Our Lash Lift Mascara is back in stock, get it here! 

What beauty advice would you give the teenager you today? 

Oh lord. Don't follow any beauty trends and stay away from sun-beds.


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