Beauty Insiders with MrDaniel

Beauty insiders is the format where we meet some of the world's most celebrated makeup artists who's frequently seen using Sweed. We are used to admire their work from distance. Beauty insiders will take you on an exclusive interview where we chat about their favourite products, beauty mottos to how to stay sane during these days. This week we had a chat with MrDaniel, the man behind the most celebrated beauty looks on Georgina RodriguezGiulia De LellisAlice CampelloBeatrice ValliElodie and Veronica Ferraro to name a few. 

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!

Name: Daniele Lorusso
Instagram: @mrdanielmakeup
Age: 28
City: Milan

Makeup on Georgina Rodriguez and Giulia De Lellis by MrDaniel

For how long have you been working in the industry?

I started in 2010, so eleven years.

How do you stay sane during these days?

I try to keep up with a daily routine, and trying to take time for myself, reading, looking for inspiration, watching movies and developing my passions like painting. Working with social media really helps me a lot to stay focused and connected with the world.

MrDaniel prioritises reading and self care to stay sane during quarantine

What's your best beauty trick/hack?

Fluffy lifted brows and fuller defined lips with a little bit of a blurred nude pencil makes everything better. Another one would be to apply a soft light balm on the cheekbones instead of a powder highlighter to make the skin more juicy and healthy. For the brows I love Soap Brows to lift them up plus Urban Decay Brow Blade to fill them in. For the balm I usually use a clear lip balm like Clinique Moisture Surge Lip.

If you were a beauty product, what would you be?

A nude lip pencil! Simple, classic, but it makes a big difference. I love Nabla's Lip Shaper pencils (I use #3 the most) and the KKW lip pencils.

Some of MrDaniel's go-to products


What's your favorite Sweed product(s) and why?

I would say Nikki No Lash-Lash. They are so natural even though they give a magic twist to the eyes. They really lift the whole look!

MrDaniel's favourite 
product: Nikki No Lash-Lash - get them here!

When was the last time you were nervous when you did makeup (I mean you do so many celebrities and the whole vibe must be overwhelming with so many people watching your work)?

A few weeks ago, I did the makeup on two Italian singers, Gaia and Elodie, for the most important music festival in Italy (Sanremo). It’s very stressful but also very exciting to work for a live event that everyone watches everywhere.

A "sultry-sexy look" on Elodie (@elodie) by MrDaniel

How long time does it take for you to create a red carpet look?

I usually ask at least for 1hour and half, max 2 hours.


A red carpet look by Daniele on Veronica Ferraro

...and favorite foundation for red carpet?

Nabla’s Close-Up Futuristic foundation. It's the best!

The best foundation for red carpet, according to Daniele

You are a true beauty hero. What's your beauty motto in life?

Beauty is self-confidence and makeup is just a tool to help us to express our personalities. You can be whatever you want, when you want.