Beauty Insiders with Claudia Neacsu

Beauty insiders is the format where we meet some of the world's most celebrated makeup artists who's frequently seen using Sweed. We are used to admire their work from distance. Beauty insiders will take you on an exclusive interview where we chat about their favourite products, beauty mottos and how to stay sane during these days. 

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!

Name: Claudia Neacsu
Age: 25
City: Bucharest
Instagram: @claudianeacsu

For how long have you been working in the industry?

I started working as a MUA when I was 18 years old and I think it was the best decision! So it's been almost 8 years since I started working, but I've always loved Fashion & Art and I used to paint a lot as a child.

A signature look by Claudia

Tell us your beauty motto in life?

Be the best version of yourself! 

What's your best beauty trick/hack?

Use your bronzer as a bronzing powder, lip contour & eyeshadow! I love multitasking products & I also love getting creative with makeup so I never limit myself in using a product only one way.

If you were a beauty product, what would you be?

That's a great question! Hmm, I think I would be a Cream Blush as I like to think that I always bring a fresh, cute vibe everywhere I go. I love Glossier Cloud Paint.

Claudia's favourite blush is the Glossier Cloud paint, shade "Puff". 

When do you feel most desirable?

I think desirable is a state of mind. Whenever I feel less than desirable I try to do something productive.

What's your favorite Sweed product(s) and why?

I have two and it's too hard to choose! First is the mascara, which is amazing! It gives you so much volume, length, and also make the lashes thick. I love that! I also love the No Lash-lash collaboration with Nikki. They look soooo natural - nobody is never going to be able to tell that you are wearing falsies. 

Claudias favourite products are  Lash Lift Mascara and Nikki No Lash-lash

Tell us your beauty motto in life?

Be the best version of yourself!

What beauty advice would you give the teenager you? 

Don't try to cover so much, let your skin breathe, focus on enhancing your beautiful features not on your imperfections. 

How do you stay sane during those days?

I always keep myself busy! I literally can't chill, I always find myself doing something: fitness, shooting videos & pictures for my social media platforms, recently I also started a Fashion Series on my Instagram and I love to create new outfits every week. I consider myself very lucky because I have the opportunity to do what I love everyday. I do work a lot but it makes me so happy. Sometimes I also like to play Chess as it keeps my mind clear and it helps me think & take decisions in difficult situations.

Playing Chess keeps your mind clear

Pictures via Claudia's instagram