Beauty Insiders with Nikki Wolff

 Beauty insiders is the format where we meet some of the world's most celebrated makeup artists who's frequently seen using Sweed. We are used to admire their work from distance. Beauty insiders will take you on an exclusive interview where we chat about favorite products, beauty mottos to how to stay sane during these days.

This week we had a chat with the one and only Nikki Wolff. A true Sweed friend 
whose celebrity clients include names such as Dua LipaPriyanka Chopra JonasRosie Huntington-WhiteleyBella Hadid to Kim Kardashian.  

Welcome to the lashie world of Sweed and happy reading!

Name: Nikki Wolff

Instagram: @nikki_makeup
City: London

Nikki always uses lashes from Sweed when doing her magic

For how long have you been working in the industry?

Over 15 years! 

You are a beauty hero for so many. What's your beauty motto in life?

You should wear your make-up, not the other way around!

How do you stay sane during these days?

Creativity is my sanctuary, and making things look beautiful, feel good and smell nice. My home is full of all my favourite textures, colours, flowers and candles. Me-time is also invaluable, and there's scarcely anything some good skincare and a magnesium salt bath won't help. 

Kim Kardashian by Nikki

What's your favorite Sweed product(s) and why?

My Nikki No-Lash Lash - I always wanted to achieve the most natural looking false lashes, so I created my own with SWEED Lashes, and I'm very proud of them.

Nikki loves her own lashes from Sweed "Nikki No Lash-lash" - get them here!



How long time does it take for you to create a red carpet look?

It's really dependent on the person and the look, but anything from 40 minutes to an hour and a half

Make up on Dua Lipa and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Nikki

If you were a beauty product, what would you be?

Mascara - it is the extra va va voom to any look!



What's your best beauty trick/hack?

Try using your favourite lipstick as a blusher, which helps to create a monochromatic look, and also helps to keep the size of my makeup bag down!

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